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Facts and Effects of Using Cannabis

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is a psychoactive drug which is derived from the cannabis plant. Humans use marijuana as a fiber (hemp), seed oils, and mostly for medical treatment and recreational use. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psycho active part of Cannabis that acts on cannabinoids which are brain cell receptors. THC is a major medical component that has a mild to moderate painkilling effects thus is used in the treatment of pain. What THC does is that it alters the release of the neurotransmitter in the spinal cord causing a pain relief effect. THC also stimulates appetite, induces relaxation and has effects on sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight. Moreover, THC causes fatigue and helps reduce aggression in some people.

Picture of Medical Marijuana Portland DispensaryMedically marijuana is used in the treatment of chronic pain, anorexia, nausea and sleep related disturbances. Research shows that THC can also be utilized in the treatment of nausea and vomiting which are common side effects for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is believed that it has antiemetic qualities. For more information, contact a professional dispensary adviser.

Humans consume marijuana through smoking, inhalation of vapor, brewed in tea or eaten in food products such as chocolate bars and brownies among many others.


Effects of Marijuana

Grass reaches the brain much faster when smoked than when eaten. When a person smokes cannabis, it is absorbed into the blood stream almost immediately and reaches the brain in a matter of minutes. When consumed in food it takes longer to be absorbed in the blood, and the effects are also prolonged. To have a medical marijuana, please buy to the prescribe Portland dispensary.

THC and other cannabinoids in Cannabis act similarly to the body cannabinoids and once consumed by a person whether through smoking or eating sends a chemical message to the nerve cells or neuron within the nervous system. As a result, the brain areas that are in charge of memory, thinking, concentration, coordination, movement, time perception, sensory and pleasure are all going to be affected in one way or another. Because the cannabinoids have disrupted the brain functions, the brain will not perform its functions normally. For this reason, it is advisable that a person under the influence of marijuana should not be involved in activities such as driving a car, operate heavy machinery, and engage in any sports or any other dangerous physical activity.

As a recreational substance marijuana contain cannabinoids receptors that stimulate the release of Dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for making one have the feeling of pleasure similarly to those experienced by people using drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Many people use Cannabis to feel elated and relaxed. Individuals who use marijuana, for recreation, are likely to experience sensory perception changes, some colors to them may appear brighter than others, music more vivid and emotions become more profound. Other possible effects of consuming cannabis for recreational purposes are:

• Perception changes- cases of hallucinations thus the user sees things in a distorted way.

• Mood swings – some users may have euphoria like moods, others may become animated while others become more relaxed.

• The rate of heart beat increases

• Reduction in blood pressure.

• Increased appetite

• Increased breathing rate

• Others experience nausea although cannabis is used to treat nausea.

• Poor concentration accompanied by memory loss

• Impaired coordination and movement


Dependency and Addiction

Prolonged use of marijuana just like any other drug will automatically lead to addiction. It is estimated that almost 10% percent of the people who use the drug become dependent on it. Teenage users are more prone to getting addicted and is estimated that close to 17 percent of teenagers become addicted to cannabis. Abrupt withdrawal of this drug is not life threatening. However, the user may feel very uncomfortable.


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