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  • Facts and Effects of Using Cannabis
  • Facts and Effects of Using Cannabis
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Facts and Effects of Using Cannabis

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is a psychoactive drug which is derived from the cannabis plant. Humans use marijuana as a fiber (hemp), seed oils, and mostly for medical treatment and recreational use. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psycho active part of Cannabis that acts on cannabinoids which are brain cell receptors. THC is a major medical component that has a mild to moderate painkilling effects thus is used in the treatment of pain. What THC does is that it alters the release of the neurotransmitter in the spinal cord causing a pain relief effect. THC also stimulates appetite, induces relaxation and has effects on sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight. Moreover, THC causes fatigue and helps reduce aggression in some people.

Picture of Medical Marijuana Portland DispensaryMedically marijuana is used in the treatment of chronic pain, anorexia, nausea and sleep related disturbances. Research shows that THC can also be utilized in the treatment of nausea and vomiting which are common side effects for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is believed that it has antiemetic qualities. For more information, contact a professional dispensary adviser.

Humans consume marijuana through smoking, inhalation of vapor, brewed in tea or eaten in food products such as chocolate bars and brownies among many others.


Effects of Marijuana

Grass reaches the brain much faster when smoked than when eaten. When a person smokes cannabis, it is absorbed into the blood stream almost immediately and reaches the brain in a matter of minutes. When consumed in food it takes longer to be absorbed in the blood, and the effects are also prolonged. To have a medical marijuana, please buy to the prescribe Portland dispensary.

THC and other cannabinoids in Cannabis act similarly to the body cannabinoids and once consumed by a person whether through smoking or eating sends a chemical message to the nerve cells or neuron within the nervous system. As a result, the brain areas that are in charge of memory, thinking, concentration, coordination, movement, time perception, sensory and pleasure are all going to be affected in one way or another. Because the cannabinoids have disrupted the brain functions, the brain will not perform its functions normally. For this reason, it is advisable that a person under the influence of marijuana should not be involved in activities such as driving a car, operate heavy machinery, and engage in any sports or any other dangerous physical activity.

As a recreational substance marijuana contain cannabinoids receptors that stimulate the release of Dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for making one have the feeling of pleasure similarly to those experienced by people using drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Many people use Cannabis to feel elated and relaxed. Individuals who use marijuana, for recreation, are likely to experience sensory perception changes, some colors to them may appear brighter than others, music more vivid and emotions become more profound. Other possible effects of consuming cannabis for recreational purposes are:

• Perception changes- cases of hallucinations thus the user sees things in a distorted way.

• Mood swings – some users may have euphoria like moods, others may become animated while others become more relaxed.

• The rate of heart beat increases

• Reduction in blood pressure.

• Increased appetite

• Increased breathing rate

• Others experience nausea although cannabis is used to treat nausea.

• Poor concentration accompanied by memory loss

• Impaired coordination and movement


Dependency and Addiction

Prolonged use of marijuana just like any other drug will automatically lead to addiction. It is estimated that almost 10% percent of the people who use the drug become dependent on it. Teenage users are more prone to getting addicted and is estimated that close to 17 percent of teenagers become addicted to cannabis. Abrupt withdrawal of this drug is not life threatening. However, the user may feel very uncomfortable.

Choosing A Company For Brisbane Kitchen Renovations

Choosing A Company For Brisbane Kitchen Renovations

If you’ve purchased a property in the Brisbane area, you’re going to want to make sure that you care for your investment. This may mean making periodic renovations.

If you want to remodel in the right way, there is one room you will want to focus on above all else: the kitchen. A kitchen can be the hub of a home. It’s where meals are prepared, and where families gather together throughout the day.

Follow these tips if you’re seeking a company that can handle kitchen renovations Brisbane projects.

Reputation Is Important

If you’re trusting a company to handle your kitchen, you will want to make sure that they have a stellar reputation. Look for an experienced company with plenty of positive feedback from customers. If other clients are pleased with the work that they do, you’ll probably have an equally pleasant experience with them.

Get Accurate Quotes

When you get quotes from a renovation company, make sure that they are accurate. Find out if the quotes are binding or non-binding. Ask about what the quote includes. Make sure that you have the full picture before you commit to working with anyone.

Look At Their Past Work

Take a look at some of the work a company has done for their past clients. They should be able to show you plenty of before and after photos. See if their style is a good compliment for your own taste. Find someone who will be able to give you your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is at the center of your home. Make sure you have a kitchen that you can be proud of. Find a company that handles Brisbane kitchens renovations. Give your old kitchen a fresh new look. You’ll be amazed by how wonderful your new kitchen looks!

Kitchens Brisbane Queensland


Marketing a Business On the Internet In Braintree, Essex

The digital space is a vast marketplace, and good search engine rankings are very similar to extremely large billboards, over the most used roads in the country for your business. If you choose to ignore SEO strategy, it is similar to unlisting your phone number or taking down the sign from the window of your shop. In the best scenario, you will maintain a few customers, but most likely, you will see your sales dwindle down until you have no other option than to fight to regain your position in the marketplace.

Those who get on board with online marketing, especially through professional SEO services Braintree usually sing its praises after seeing real results from improved organic rankings. Clearly, while the language of SEO and digital marketing may not be easy for some people to understand, one fact is: good search engine presence can transform your bottom line for good.

Good Search Engine Presence Equals More Potential Customers

Studies show that sites that rank position 1 for their relevant keywords receive 33 percent of search traffic. Site no. 2 receives 18 percent of the traffic. Sites ranking on the first Page 1 garner 92 percent of all traffic leaving only 8% for other pages. With millions of searches being made every day, your company can tap into the benefits of this revolution to reach more targeted customers with an improved search presence.

Ranked #1

You Save On Cost And Still Deliver Quality

Through digital marketing you can promote your company with a smaller budget compared to the traditional methods like placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine. With a good presence on the search engine, you are able to deliver more impact per customer (and even follow up with them) than by printing brochures and sending mail. In addition, each time a customer interacts with your company you are able to create a database for your company and this can further be used to sustain a healthy business network.

Your Local Listing Will Improve

By liaising with SEO Services Braintree to improve your local search engine presence you can boost your business reputation through showing necessary information like your work hours, business address, maps, hours of operation and customer reviews. This will in turn improve your authority on directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Bing Places and Yahoo Local.

Bypass Your Competition

Keep in mind that if your competitors are improving their SEO then you have to do it as well if you want to retain your competitive edge. A business that gets organic traffic is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. So don’t be left behind.

While effective use of SEO can at times seem elusive and cumbersome, it does not mean it is completely out of reach. When this task is properly handled by the help of professional SEO in Braintree services, your business will start to receive more calls and visits from potential customers. Moreover, you will boost your brand authority and be ready to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving digital space.

Let Professional Termite Control In Queensland Save Your Home!

All variety of pests in your home can be significantly damaging to your health and environment, but none are as notoriously cumbersome as termites. The problem with termites is that they eat their way into woodwork, dig tunnels, and can ultimately damage the foundation of your home– even cause it to eventually collapse! The situation can become quite dire if you don’t get help right away, and oftentimes, the whole problem could’ve been avoided in the first place had you hire termite inspection experts on a regular basis.

However, once the fact that your home is infested with termites is established, it’s crucial to hire professional Queensland building and pest inspections experts to help you. With expert help comes a peace of mind that you know that all areas of your home have been checked over and the pests have been exterminated. Many homeowners think there’s not much to pest control and all it takes is a bit of hardware store pesticide. The fact is, not knowing how to handle toxic chemicals can land you or a family member in the hospital.termite damage in a Gold Coast Home

There is no reason to take a safety risk when termite control in Queensland is so affordable! In fact, you’ll be surprised that professional pest control can save you time and money. Exterminating any type of pest requires legwork, energy, and plenty of time that you may not have. By letting the pros take care of you, you can focus your energy on other important things in your life. Additionally, by calling early, you can prevent major disasters and ensure that if repairs do need to be made, they will be relatively minor ones.

If your home has been infested with termites before, it is important to have your home regularly checked. There is no way that you can reasonably prevent another infestation, but there are precautions you can take. Most insurance policies don’t protect your home against damage done by pests, so it’s crucial to do what you can to ensure your home is safe.

All Queensland experts are trained in safety tactics and know exactly how to handle equipment used to exterminate pests. Not only do you get expert advice and pest control, but you get a peace of mind that goes a long way. Professional exterminators can also search for other signs of trouble around the home and spot other pests, so you really have a win-win situation when you get the right help!


Air Con for Perth Homes Allows for Comfortable Living in Summer

Summers in Perth can be quite hot and last for at least four months in a year, making it imperative for its inhabitants, to install cooling systems in their homes, so that they can live in comfort. Any person shifting to this Western Australia city will need to look for the services of agencies that can provide air con for Perth homes.

When you go looking for such cooling systems for homes, you will find a wide array of equipment that can be installed in homes. You can get single rooms air conditioned by installing window air conditioners, which will have to be set up in windows or opening that are created in walls. It can always help if these units are set up in locations that are shaded from the sun, as they will then work more efficiently. A problem with such units is that they throw air into the space being conditioned with fans and compressors which can add to the noise level in a room.


There are other systems that can have the compressors completely outside, even on roofs, while they have pipes carrying cooled refrigerant that lead to fairly silent fan units within the space being air conditioned. This greatly reduces the noise and leads to fairly comfortable cooling. You can also install a central system if you want your entire home to be cooled at a lower cost. This will however require ducting to carry the cooled air from the fans and compressors that are located in equipment outside the home.

Have your home inspected by the providers of the air con for Perth homes, so that they can make their own assessment of its requirements. They will take into consideration the volume of air to be treated, the orientation of windows, and condition of the roof, and may at times suggest insulation to reduce capital costs of systems. Make sure that any aircon systems or equipment you install has the best energy rating, as this can then reduce your bills for electricity.

Once an air conditioning system is installed in a home, it is almost certain that the hot climate in Perth will require them to work all around the clock. This requires proper attention to be paid to maintenance aspects, and especially the cleaning of filters. Neglecting this can lead to health problems, especially for those who have respiratory illnesses. The equipment itself must be properly serviced before the onset of summer.